Modessa is the essence of Modest Fashion.
Made for the woman who doesn’t need to show herself to get attention, respect or anything else for that matter.

For the woman who is fashion conscious, but also conscious of the world around her.

Whilst we are a company with Muslim values, our clothes are for everyone.
We are inclusive and whether you follow a religion or not, you can be in our gang.

Our values are pretty simple…
We do not believe in putting profit before people.
We will not extort or exploit our work force or contractors to make money.
We believe in providing a quality product and have invested time and money into giving you the best.
We believe in providing great customer service and being honest.
We believe women are awesome and we should lift each other up, not judge and drag others down.
We (obviously) believe in great clothes too…

Any questions?
Email us direct at info@modessaonline.co.uk we’d love to hear from you!
The Modessa team

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