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We’re a British Modest Wear brand called MODESSA. (Pronounced MOH-DESSAH)

We’re your go-to brand for ethically made and exclusive Modest Wear.

Founded by our Director Abigayle in 2017, MODESSA was created to bring a contemporary British style to the Modest Wear market.

After converting to Islam Abigayle found that she couldn’t find clothing that suited her style and her new beliefs. She spoke to other women and found that they felt the same.

She decided to design and manufacture her own brand of Modest Wear, that was not only practical, but affordable and ethical.

  • E T H I C S

    Here at MODESSA, we don’t believe in exploiting people to make garments. But we do believe in making beautiful garments that cover and make you feel AMAZING.

    All garments are designed and cut in house and currently manufactured within our British supply chain, ensuring the best quality… where staff are being treated ethically!

  • I N C L U S I V E

    Our garments are for women of all beliefs and walks of life. Whilst we do create Modest Wear, we believe modesty means something different to each individual.

    It’s important that as women we lift each other up – rather than tear each other down. Everyone is entitled to their own style and opinions… Rock MODESSA however you want to.

  • V E R S A T I L E

    Each garment is designed to be worn again.. and again.. and again.

    There is not just one way to wear our garments – that’s why most of our items come with belts. You can style them exactly how you want to!

    Also – they’re not going to fall apart when you wash them. Just follow the care label and you’re good to go!

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